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API » Census API - By FIPS Code

This API finds the geography of a specified geography type by geography id within the entire United States.

Latest data version released jun2014. Previous data versions include jun2011, dec2011, jun2012, dec2012, jun2013, dec2013.

Why We Provide It
We are providing this API to increase the value of the transparency of the National Broadband Map. With this API users can find a geography of a specified geography type by the geography id.

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API Base

API Call
{API Base}/census/{geographyType}/fips/{geographyId}?format={format}&callback={functionName}

Sample Call

Required Parameters
specify one of the following geography types: state, county, tract, block, congdistrict, statehouse, statesenate, censusplace, msa, tribal, usf

FIPS code (unique identifier)

Optional Parameters
XML, JSON, JSONP (XML is default)

JSONP callback function name



    "name":"New York",
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<Response status="OK" responseTime="16">
     <name>New York</name>

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